Import your Segment data to Snowflake

How to load data from Segment to Snowflake

1-click ETL of your Segment data into Snowflake

With Blendo Segment integration, it is easy to import Segment data into Snowflake to get more answers about your customers. Drill down to your data from your events, see how the users behave, improve your marketing ROI or your customer support.

Use Cases

As soon as your Segment data is synced into Snowflake here are some ways you can use it.


Analyze your events and how your customer behaves. Combine it with information from other sources like a segment of users from a specific email campaign.


Find out how long it took for a user to signup until to make a purchase? Or how long it took for a user to do make an action or do another. Enhance your onboarding process and effectively your product.


What kinds of actions are most likely to lead to a sale? From the users that actually registered and paid for your service, who came from a webinar or an ad? Who was more valuable in the end as he made an up-sell.

How to get started with Segment and Snowflake data integration

Loading your Segment data into Snowflake is easy. First, you need to connect Snowflake as a Destination data warehouse. Then add Segment as a Data Source. It will take three minutes to set it up. Next, Blendo will import any information from Segment and load it into your Snowflake data warehouse.

Connect Snowflake

Connect Snowflake

Connect Segment as Data Source

Connect Segment as Data Source

We will load all your Segment data

We will load all your Segment data

Detailed Documentation

Check our documentation on how to setup Segment integration as a Data Source and start syncing your support data to Snowflake.

Check our documentation on how to connect Snowflake as a Data warehouse destination and start loading your data in minutes.

 All your data from your favorite sources in one place. Access it easily.

Getting started takes less that 3 minutes.

Sync your data from any Data Source.

Blendo integrates with cloud services so you do not need to write any code. Connect any data source with a few clicks. No maintenance to think of. We will prepare, transform and push your data into your data warehouse so you can start analyzing your data right away.