SendGrid to Snowflake Integration

Import your SendGrid data to Snowflake with Blendo

Easily connect your SendGrid to Snowflake

With the Blendo SendGrid to Snowflake integration, it is easy to export from SendGrid to Snowflake. Sendgrid is a transactional email and email infrastructure service in the cloud. By integrating Sendgrid with Blendo, you will be able to analyze ready-to-use analytics-friendly transactional email data in your Snowflake and your BI. Go beyond Sendgrid’s vanilla dashboards and ask any question you want about your transactional email data. Having your Sendgrid data in the same Snowflake as your ads, support, and sales will help you get a holistic understanding of your customer engagement and transactional email performance. Drill down to your email engagement data and leads and optimize your marketing and sales strategies.

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Supercharge your Business Intelligence tool with 100% accurate and actionable data

Business Intelligence is only truly “intelligent” when your human intuition, domain knowledge, and professional experience combined with accurate, relevant and in-time data.

Import sales, marketing or support data into your data warehouse in minutes. Blendo intelligently syncs and identifies changes so you always have the most current and correct information.

Better Use of Your Time and Mind

Blendo cuts your data integration workload to zero. Connect sales, marketing and financial platforms with your Amazon Redshift data warehouse in a matter of minutes. Get all the data you need, when you need it.

Gain peace of mind with robust scalability and minimal maintenance. Your engineering resources are better utilized in understanding what your data means, not worrying about accuracy and synching.

Never wait. Begin working with your data immediately. Blendo automatically infers the data source's schema, generates the necessary Amazon Redshift tables, and updates them automatically.

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SendGrid to Snowflake Integration Use Cases

Once Blendo connects your SendGrid data to your data warehouse, here are some ways you can use it.

Query analytics-ready transactional email data

Import your transactional email data into your data warehouse, or select only the specific resources you need. Get analytics-ready data into your data warehouse with the click of a button and without any scripting or coding.

From transactional email to engagement

Get your email and subscriber activity data into your data warehouse with ease. Understand the performance of your transactional emails and drill down to the individual interaction level. Tie together data from other touchpoints and better understand customer engagement.

Improve customer engagement strategies and understand how your transactional emails affect sales or support.

Combine transactional emails data with ad spend, sales data from your CRM, billing, or support data, and discover, which leads engage past trial or after they bought a product. Build better customer engagement strategies and optimize efforts towards achieving more revenue.

How to get started with your SendGrid data integration

Getting started is easy. First, connect a Snowflake as a Destination. Then, add SendGrid as a Data Source. Blendo will import any information from your SendGrid and load it into your Snowflake. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your product and amazing your customers.


Connect Snowflake as Destination


Connect SendGrid as Data Source


We will load all your SendGrid data to Snowflake

Detailed documentation

If you have any issues whatsoever with your SendGrid integration, Blendo is here to help! We provide detailed documentation on setting up your integration and troubleshooting.

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