Import your Stripe data into your data warehouse

Easily load your Stripe data into your data warehouse

With Blendo Stripe integration, it is easy to import Stripe data into your data warehouse to get more answers about your payments and revenues. Drill down to your data from payments and subscriptions, find out which are your most profitable customers, or where you are loosing money from and uncover trends.

Use Cases

As soon as your Stripe data is synced into your data warehouse, here are some ways you can use it.

Tracking Revenues

Analyze your revenue and uncover trends.

Marketing ROI

Find out if your marketing efforts bring the return you expect.

Valuable Customers

Combine data from other sources like support and sales. Uncover the funnel of your users that converts better and earns you revenue.

How to get started with your Stripe data integration

Getting started importing your Stripe data is easy. First, you need to connect your data warehouse as a Destination for the Stripe data, then connect Stripe as a Data Source. It will take three minutes to set it up. Next, Blendo’s integration will import your Stripe data and load it into your data warehouse. Combine it with other data sources and discover how your revenue is affected by certain sales or marketing activities.

detailed documentation

Check our documentation on as a Data Source and start syncing your payments data to your data warehouse.

Import your Stripe data into your data warehouse