Marketing Platform Speeds Implementation of extremely targeted nurturing email campaigns in Hours


ListReports is an innovative and dynamic forward-thinking marketing platform for the real estate technology industry. They are based in California and their mission is to deliver easy-to-use, world-class tools that seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of realtors. ListReports combines cutting-edge technology with extremely high design standards to deliver marketing products that vastly improve the process of buying or selling a home.

Listreports team needed a way to implementation of extremely targeted nurturing email campaigns (drip campaigns) and using Blendo they achieved a data-driven result in a few hours.

A Missing Targeted email campaign Goal

Before using Blendo, ListReports’ team needed to create extremely targeted email campaigns that would require data coming from different sources. It is very easy to get lost in all these data points as the process includes “touches” on emails, clicks or events and had to be done programmatically.

So their goal was to create a 360 data view of the people who will receive the targeted emails. All available data coming from, Payment systems (Stripe), user behavioral events from the product (Mixpanel), communication (Intercom), CRM (Salesforce), interactions through email marketing (Mailchimp), enrichment data (Clearbit) like demographics that’s a lot for someone to start building and maintaining these integrations.

All the above data is collected consistently by Blendo and delivered into the data warehouse. Customers are segmented based on the enriched data and email templates are created for each segment. E.g. we would like to send a different email to engineers than marketers, so based on the job position of the recipient as it is inferred by the data we have collected, we add her to the appropriate segment. The engineer will receive an email from the VP of engineering with some additional information on the technical side of the product while the marketer will receive an email from the VP of growth including material from our blog about our growth tactics. Additionally, emails are sent when specific behaviors are observed, for example when the recipient enters the documentation section of our product and the whole campaign is paused when a specific CTA (like an arrangement for a call) has been achieved.

Results: reduced “email list churn” and  “time to trigger” CTA by the recipient. At the end we created a data-driven growth engine for the company.



minute average setup time per source


interuptions to pipeline since launch


additional adjustments required



historical data synced through Blendo in under 1 hour


speed of pipeline sync, compate to competition

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