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Name: Mews   Employees: 150+   Locations: London, Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney, Barcelona

Data Sources: IntercomXero, Pipedrive, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Delighted, Google Analytics, BambooHR

Data Warehouse Destination: MS SQL Server

About Mews

Chances are you have stayed at least once in a hotel or hostel. The transformation of the hotel industry operations by the use of technology, in turn, changes the guest experience. Mews is a cloud-based, property management software that is revolutionizing hospitality operations. Mews’ platform automates check-ins,payments, booking management, and staff training.

Mews’ mission is to help hotels and hostels focus on their guests by automating their daily tasks. One of the most critical aspects of Mews’ business is the data-driven mentality and the automation of their functions.

The Situation

Mews is striving to achieve automation for their clients, and they wanted to accomplish the same internally. Flexibility, accurate data, and less technical effort are vital when you want to build an analytics infrastructure that will drive your business insights.



However, although Mews is data-driven as a company, its analytics were limited to manual processes, ad-hoc reporting and excel sheets. Specific information was not there and time is not abundant when you want to grow. At the same time creating a data analytics stack sounded as if it would need dedicated developer resources, which made it challenging and time-consuming to run in-house.

The Solution

Pavla Munzarova, Finance Director at Mews, is responsible for the finance operations, controlling and accounting, but also the Mews Analytics team that is creating BI reports for the whole company. Pavla although partially technical, became the digital analytics transformation champion for Mews. After a thorough evaluation process, Mews selected Blendo as its partner in providing the essential part in a data analytics stack – the actual data from all of Mews data sources.



Right off the bat, Pavla was impressed with the platform’s capabilities:

“I didn’t expect we would be able to automate so much thanks to Blendo. The first idea was only to build new dashboards for daily/monthly performance tracking and P&L consolidation. Then we figured out it is an amazing tool for accounting checks and system reconciliations. Now, most of our company-wide analysis is built in PowerBI, and almost every ad-hoc excel analysis has SQL code and refreshable dataset behind!”

“I didn’t expect we would be able to automate so much thanks to Blendo.”

For Pavla, the ease of use of Blendo was unmatched since she synced all of her company data with their data warehouse and got ready to use analytics-optimized data. Today the finance, support, sales and marketing team are now on the same page. Pavla along with the rest of the management team have visibility into the contribution sales, support and marketing team have on the business.

“I don’t even want to think how many people we would need to create all the reporting we have manually every month!”


After switching to Blendo, Mews got a business intelligence stack in minutes, with zero technical overhead all while reducing reporting time by 90%.

“In our industry, high growth and quickly changing environment is a fact. So, we need to react fast to keep it up. Going with a product like Blendo saved us so much time and struggle on building a data analytics infrastructure. We now have accurate and current data, and that helps us focus on what matters.”

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