Blendo Helps Growing U.S. E-commerce Company Reduce Customer Churn with Analytics-Ready Data


Consistent flow of accurate data from Sales, CRM and Billing Systems


Business data used as a strategic advantage to overcome churn


Reports & Decisions no longer based in outdated or obsolete data


Name: Viral Launch Employees: 50+ Locations: Indianapolis, USA Industry: E-commerce Optimization

Data Sources: Intercom, Zendesk, Chargebee, Google Sheets

Data Warehouse Destination: Google BigQuery

About Viral Launch

Viral Launch provides the software and services to let anyone research, source and sell successfully on Amazon. Providing premiere access to Amazon seller optimization services for everyone from homegrown lines to major labels, Viral Launch has built a portfolio to include over 9,000 brands launching over 41,000 products resulting in $6.5B+ in fulfilled Amazon sales.

The Situation

Viral Launch helps its customers find profitable products to sell on Amazon. As a subscription-based software, the platform is designed to help e-commerce brands source, launch, and dominate on the Amazon marketplace. Viral Launch offers a unique suite of integrated research, analysis, listing, and sales tools for small, midsize, and enterprise merchants to create and execute successful Amazon-specific marketing strategies.

With such a popular service and continued growth expected in the months ahead, McCarley knew she needed to further organize business information compiled from multiple data sources and then be able to analyze customer behavior as a result.

In a nutshell, Viral Launch had to learn more about their customers’ buying patterns to address the most critical business metric for all subscription-based online services: customer churn.

By addressing customer churn, McCarley was seeking to increase customer retention while taking a closer look at why customers leave and what steps the company can take to avoid losing future customers.

With multiple data sources in place and using spreadsheets, McCarley was able to manually compile data from their CRM and Support channels to perform basic calculations. This led to some preliminary insights, but ultimately Viral Launch had more data sources affecting churn which were not easily accessible.

Additionally, there was no consistent flow of accurate data from their sales, CRM and billing systems.

Their manual efforts involved further limitations in these critical areas:

  • Inaccurate data due to error-prone human input/output
  • Outdated data difficult to compile quickly
  • No visibility at an organizational level for strategic decision-making
  • Time-consuming and resource-heavy manual processes were not effective or sustainable

Viral Launch needed to deliver on its product strategy and overcome churn.

With customer retention having a tangible impact on the financial health of the organization, it made sense for Viral Launch to invest in a data infrastructure that could support these measurements quickly, efficiently and accurately.


The Solution

The secret to overcoming churn for SaaS companies is to have all of their data available, accurate and with as little friction as possible. Blendo’s self-serve data integration platform allows subscription-based companies, like Viral Launch, to collect and sync cross-departmental data with any data warehouse. With no programmer needed, Blendo delivers accurate and on-time data to get the information you need to take action.

McCarley had to first identify the criteria by which to measure Viral Launch churn. To start, she knew she had to collect all the data in one place. Modern technology makes it easy for anyone to enable their organization with a central data warehouse so Christine was able to access their business data effortlessly.

She was then able to establish a data warehouse with Google BigQuery and connect it with Blendo, and she did it on her own with no help from the IT department. At the same time, Blendo helped her pull the required information from the Viral Launch data sources, which included Intercom, Zendesk, Chargebee, and Google Sheets.



With Blendo, Christine was able to easily access business data and saved invaluable time to get actionable insights.

Blendo helps her integrate and use ready data 95% faster compared to manual processes alone or with the internal development team. As a result, Viral Launch saved resources and time  which could have been consumed by manual consolidating data and having her team building and maintaining integrations and whole data infrastructure – all less business value generating activities.


“Within minutes from start to finish, I had business information flowing into my Business Intelligence dashboard and was already uncovering patterns of customer churn in order to maximize retention in the future.”

– as Christine McCarley stated.


Now, her data remains always available, always updated, and always accurate with no maintenance from her or her team.


As a result of their investment in Blendo, Viral Launch’s insights on customer churn is now available for analysis anytime. Viral Launch continues to gain business insights which bring immediate payoffs.

The Viral Launch team got retrospective reporting but they also began generating predictive data to answer the following questions: How engaged are our customers? What indicators can help us in predicting churn? What search events are relevant to churn? How can we be more proactive with managing churn operationally?

With Blendo consistently piping data into BigQuery, Christine was not only able to start answering churn questions within the initial scope of the project, but also expand the scope to include metrics around customer acquisition costs, marketing performance, and LTV of the average customer.

Unlocking these insights has delivered on the strategic initiatives set forth by Viral Launch leadership and made a significant impact on customer retention and profitability.

“I was able to access our business data effortlessly”

– Christine McCarley

Setting the Stage for Growth

Now that Viral Launch has a handle on customer churn, they’re able to make investments in user-experience, process and improve technology to engage, acquire, and retain more subscribers.

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